10 Things Most Successful Students Do Before Exams

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A key aspect of being successful is modelling other success stories. This applies to your grades as well. Here are 10 things most, successful students do before exams.

1 They declare the grade they want

Most of us are afraid to set goals because we are afraid to hurt our ego in case of failure but when we set a goal we set an expectation in our brain and is most likely to complete it.

2 They focus on learning as much as they can

Students who have this learning mind set have much better comprehension than others. This is because the focus is on understanding rather than reading through.

3 When they study, they google a lot

As soon as you come across a new concept the best thing is to resort to google. This will keep your interest in reading as well as your drive to keep learning.

4 They study for exams in bursts

Study for the exam with high intensity for a short time period and then take a break. By putting maximum intensity, you increase the efficiency and the break helps your brain to recuperate and increase the attention.

5 They sleep a lot

Make it a point to sleep a lot after you have completed the intense study sessions. Not only is sleeping effective in consolidating the information you learned but also gives you the cognitive energy to go after your goals with strength and precision.

6 They handwrite notes as they write

Writing notes is an effective method of studying. According to research, witting notes will help you learn information better because it increases the level of cognitive processing and higher the cognitive processing means higher learning.

7 They do not require motivation to study

Motivation which fluctuates during the semester should not be a factor taken to consideration when studying. Those feelings are temporary and studying with higher focus at all times is required to achieve good grades, therefore, motivation should not affect how you study.

8 They focus on daily wins to avoid procrastination

Many students who perform extremely well during college have daily objectives that work towards getting completed no matter what. You should set clear goals on what should be done during the day, which will make you think about it throughout the day.

9 They over study

A trait seen in most successful students is that they over study. You should understand the importance of the knowledge that you are gaining and the impact the grades you get have on your future, which in turn will make you take the exam very seriously and set the goal to start studying much earlier.

10 They plan for the next day

Not only is it important for you to plan what you need to do today. It is just as important for you to plan what you need to do tomorrow. A study has found that university students who set tasks for the future had higher GPAs than their peers.

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